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Kärcher Scholarship, ESMOD Berlin, Germany

Bagi anda yang sedang mencari informasi Kärcher Scholarship, ESMOD Berlin, Germany, maka Scholarships 2014 - 2015 akan menyampaikan tentang Kärcher Scholarship, ESMOD Berlin, Germany seperti dibawah ini:


Kärcher Scholarship, ESMOD Berlin, Germany

ESMOD Berlin is calling for applications for the Kärcher scholarship to attend the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Pattern Making/Draping commencing in September 2014. Kärcher supports the Bachelor program for the first time by financing a scholarship of one outstanding applicant for his or her first academic year at ESMOD Berlin in German or English language

How to apply
Applications are sought from candidates from any country, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements of the Bachelor programme and follow the application procedure outlined below for a place within the course.

The winning applicant should be aware that they need to be able to meet the remaining financial requirements to support their studies through the one year programme including living costs, relocation costs and course related material costs.

Selection criteria
The winning applicant should display an innovative design portfolio with a high degree of excellence in conceptual and practical execution. On the whole, the applicant should demonstrate a profound passion for fashion design and exceptionally high motivation.

Assessment criteria:
  • University entrance qualification
  • Passion for fashion design
  • Social competences and values
  • The Kärcher Scholarship supports social fairness. In the case of equally successful applications, candidates who are financially or socially disadvantaged, will be given preference.
Quick Facts
  • Support provide: Tuition fees support
  • Notification date: 27th of January 2014
  • Application deadline: 28th of February 2014
  • Interviews: 3rd – 6th of March 2014 (tbc)
  • Course start date: 22nd of September 2014
  • Study mode: Full time
  • Course duration: 6 semesters
  • Language: German or English
  • Academic qualification: Bachelor of Arts
  • Credit points: 180
Required application material
To apply for the scholarship we require:
  • The completed application form for the Kärcher Scholarship 2014
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Written statement of 250 words (maximum) about your passion for fashion design, why you want to do the course and why you should be the one who to choose. Written statements that exceed the word limit will not be accepted.
  • Certified copy of the latest certificate
  • Copy of ID card
  • Complete portfolio assignment (see attachment)
  • All documents must be submitted in English or German language
  • All documents and the portfolio assignment must be submitted by 28 February at 6PM (CET) to the following address:
ESMOD Berlin
Scholarship B.A.
Görlitzer Str. 51
10997 Berlin

or digitally to: info@esmod.de

When sending your application
  • Applications that do not adhere to the Required Application Material outline will not be accepted.
  • Applications must be sent by mail to ESMOD Berlin, Scholarship B.A., Görlitzer Str. 51, 10997 Berlin or email to info@esmod.de and be received by 6PM (CET) on the day of the deadline
  • Emails must be sent with the email subject heading Kärcher Scholarship Application
  • All documents outlined in the Required Application Material must be combined into one PDF (in the order listed), which does not exceed the size of 15MBs and comes in A4 format.
  • The PDF document must be named in the following format YOURFIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_Kaercher_Scholarship_ Application 2014.pdf
(for example: Jane_Smith_Kaercher_Scholarship_Application_2014)

For application information and enquiries please contact: info@esmod.de

About Kärcher
Kärcher, a German company rich in tradition and innovation, is the global leader in providing high quality cleaning systems for leisure, home, commercial and industrial purposes. Kärcher‘s portfolio contains complementary products, cleaning supplies, and accessories, as well as consulting and service. Kärcher has 10,644 employees in 60 countries. The most important growth factor for its success is innovation: Innovative products are as essential as innovative partnerships. As ESMOD Berlin’s new partner, Kärcher supports the International University of Art for Fashion in several ways. The cooperation does not only consist of regular workshops with experts. Since the company is the “Official Supplier” of ESMOD Berlin, it provides necessary equipment such as steam irons for education and fashion shows.

A further highlight of the partnership is the support of the international meeting of the ESMOD universities worldwide. Additionally, Kärcher and ESMOD Berlin issue a scholarship for one year, for which you can apply with this form.

Kärcher scholarship 2014 Application Form (2.5 MB)

For more information, please visit official website: esmod.de

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